Thursday, May 7, 2009

Surat terbuka bapa Altantuya kepada PM Najib

To: Malaysian Prime Minister Mr. Tun Razak Najib,
I wish you good luck for your work; I heard you are appointed as Prime Minister of Malaysia.

However, we need to end all issues regarding the murder case of my daughter as soon as possible and in a short time because the people from two countries have been waiting for the case to be solved.

The relationship between two countries have suffered and there is improbable situation continuing due to a murder case of my daughter Altantuya.

It requires focusing the matter now on my two orphaned grandsons, sons of Altantuya - we need a solution to the civil suit I have filed - from YOU, Malaysian Government, and the police.

I would like to calm down my daughter’s spirit by conducting a funeral for her, which I have not done until all issues surrounding my daughter’s death is settle.

Mongolian citizen
Dr Shaariibuu Setev.
05 May 2009

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